Speech Pathology 




SMART Spot Speech Pathologists work with families and children to develop key areas of children's speech, language, literacy and communication skills in fun and engaging ways.

We provide high quality and individualised intervention approaches that meet the unique needs of each client. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that therapy focusses on their own identified goals and works toward improving their overall participation in life socially, academically and during everyday activities.

Therapy can include a range of different approaches as outlined below:



Our Speech Pathologists work with you and your child to established shared goals to work on during therapy. We provide high quality and evidenced based Speech Pathology intervention that assists your child in developing their communication skills and ability to participate socially, academically and in everyday activities. We believe that every family has the right to access therapy and as a result, we can provide therapy at the clinic, in your home and also in your child's school.



Parent education is a key factor in the therapy that our SMART Spot Speech Pathologists provide for our clients. Our Speech Pathologists will give you user friendly tips and tricks on how best to support your childs communication development during everyday activities.



Our Speech  Pathologist are more than happy to work in partnership with your child's teacher to ensure that they feel confident to implement appropriate curriculum adjustments that will help your child to succeed and also to ensure that they are aware of the communication skills of your child and the impact they may have on your child's ability to participate within the curriculum. 



Our Speech Pathologists work closely with other professionals involved in your child's care. We believe that when a child is seeing more than one clinician at a time, clinicians should have a high degree of communication to ensure that shared goals are established.