Parents & Speech Pathologists Working Together as a Powerful Team

Learn about the powerful and essential role that you, as parents play when providing language intervention for your child.

Are you feeling confused and anxious about the role that you need to play as a parent when providing language intervention for you child? Well there’s no need to stress, you’re not the only one. Recent research has indicated that many parents can often feel overwhelmed and anxious when thinking about how to help their child if they have recently been diagnosed with a language delay.

Although many parents and families are often willing to help during the intervention process, the research shows that many families doubt their abilities to facilitate communication as well as their Speech Pathologist does during an intervention session.

The good news is, that over the past several years as new research has come to light about the critical role that parents play during the intervention process, there has been a big shift in the way that many Speech Pathologists work with families, resulting in empowered and confident families. Over the years, the Speech Pathology profession has developed wonderful approaches and strategies that help parents to take on the 'therapists' role so that they can support their child's speech, language and communication development.

Parents are now an essential part of their child’s intervention, working in partnership with the Speech Pathologist to make key decisions about the goals and activities that their child works on to improve their communication skills. We see parents as the essential and best tool for helping their child.​

Parents have so many more wonderful and exciting opportunities to engage, interact and promote communication development with their child than a Speech Pathologist does within a one hour session once a week, they know their own child best, they have a unique perspective and understanding of their child’s strengths, interests and motivations, they are present throughout many meaningful routines that occur throughout the day and they are the most consistent teacher in their child's life.

By working closely with the Speech Pathologist, parents learn about strategies to improve communication and language skills during everyday activities such as driving in the car and/or eating breakfast. The best therapy always takes place in the child's natural environment as it increases the chance of the child using the new skills being taught not only just in the clinic, but in their everyday contexts.

So stay tuned, and continue to follow our blog for tips and tricks on how you can support the development of your child's communication skills using meaningful opportunities during everyday activities.

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