Speech Pathology 





SMART Spot Speech Pathologists can help you to learn more about your child's speech, language, literacy and communication skills. Assessments are wonderful tools that help our Speech Pathologists to identify your child's unique communication abilities. Learning more about these skills can help you to nurture your child's development and make sure that they can participate socially, academically and in everyday activities.

 For children under the age of four years, assessment usually occurs during a play based session where the Speech Pathologist makes careful observations of your child's communication abilities. For children four years and older, more standardised and formal assessments are used by our Speech Pathologists. 

Assessment Process


Parents can contact SMART Spot if they are concerned about their child's development and can book an appointment to see a Speech Pathologist. No referral is required. When you make your booking you will be emailed a 'New Client Information Pack' which outlines information regarding the clinic location, the services we offer and our policies and procedures. You will also be required to complete a case history form and will need to bring that along to your first session.

Initial Consult

During your first session, the Speech Pathologist will spend time getting to know you and your child. They will go through the information that you filled out in the case history form and will also spend time getting to know what your child's unique strengths, interests and motivators are. They will also discuss with you your main concerns and long term goals for your child. The Speech Pathologist will then use all of this information to determine what kind of assessment your child needs for example formal or more informal assessment.


After the assessment is complete the Speech Pathologist will spend time analysing and interpreting the assessment data and will write a comprehensive report that outlines your child's communication skills. Our reports are inclusive of comprehensive and functional recommendations that are school specific to ensure that teachers are able to make the correct learning adjustments for your child, while they also provide home based recommendations for families to follow up on.


Once the report is compiled, the Speech Pathologist will invite you into the clinic to go through the report face to face. We usually do this over a cuppa and it gives you a chance to hear about each of the assessment items that were administered and how your child performed in each. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have regarding the content in the report.